Import working hours from an iCalendar file

The iCalendar format is widely spread and used, amongst others, by Apple's iCal and Google Calendar. Possible filename extension for iCalendar files are: .ics, .ifb, .iCal, .icalendar or .iFBf. So you can for example record your working time with the Google calendar and then import the data into the Goodtime time tracking system.

Import iCalendar file

Import Icalendar file menu The menu item 'Import an iCalendar file' is available for the roles admin or timesheet-manager. Also, all users who can change their work time entries themselves, can import their own working hours.

Import Icalendar file First click the 'Browse...' button and select an iCalendar file on your local disk. With the 'Load file' button the content of the iCalendar file is read and checked.

Then the following options are displayed:

'For User': If you are the in the role of an admin or timesheet-manager, you can select a user, the working time data will be imported for. Otherwise, the time entries are always imported for your own account.

'As time category': Select the time type as which the calendar entries are to be imported.

'From' 'To': After reading the data, the date of the earliest and the latest time entry will be automatically displayed here. The date range can then be restricted arbitrarily - so that only timestamps within the specified time period are imported.

Please click the 'Import X timestamps' button to definitive transfer the iCalendar data into the time tracking system. Where 'X' indicates the number of timestamps to be imported.

Export iCalendar data from Google Calendar

Here you find instructions from Google, how to export the calendar data from the Google calendar into an iCalendar file. You can record your working hours with the Google Calendar and import them later into the Goodtime timesheet.

Export iCalendar data from Apple Calendar

Here is a guide from Apple, how you can export the calendar information into an iCalendar file. If you are using an Apple computer, you can record your working hours locally with the calendar application and then import it into the Goodtime timesheet.