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Project tracking and time tracking - News

Automatically close dependent projects

Clients with projects can not be set into the "closed status" if this projects are still open. When closing such a client with open projects, a dialog window is now displayed which optionally closes all dependent projects automatically.

Project Budget: Overview of Time Limit

The display of the consumed project time has been reworked: Now the remaining project time and the respective hour limit are displayed in the project list too. The additional graphic representation provides a quick overview. For projects without a time limit, the actual project time is still displayed.

Project time limit

New View: User-Projects

Users can already be members of projects and project teams. For a user only these projects are displayed, in which he participates. The assignment of users to a project has been organized via the project properties only so far. Now in addition the project membership of a single user can be adjusted in the users properties - from the user's perspective. The management of the project tracking is facilitated in this way.

To accomplish this, click (as Admin or Project-Manager) the "User" menu in the Administration tab, select a user and then switch to the "Projects" tab. Projects and project participation for user

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