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Online Time Tracking News 2010

New user roles

For finer control of permission for the online time tracking system we introduced new roles. Unfortunately we had to abandon the 'good old' superuser therefore. Instead, there are four new roles available now: for usermanagement, managing the time sheets, managing the projects and managing the settings of the application. Existing 'superusers' were automatically assigned to all four roles, so they will have the same permission as before.

Improved Layout

For better convenience, we introduced tabbed browsing, so you can switch between the pages more easily. The (already very tidy) structure and navigation of the time tracking system did not change much, so also long-time user should get attuned to the new 'tabs' effortlessly. Moreover, the 'old menu' remains in the first tab, as an additional way to navigate.

PDF Export

The time tracking data can be downloaded as a PDF document now. The PDF format is suitable for printing or archiving. The time stamps can be exported either for a month or for the whole year - just like the Excel export. Timesheets from multiple users are combined in a ZIP file again. If you miss a particular export format, we welcome any suggestions!

Easier login

The login to the online time tracking system became easier. So far the user name, password and companyID were necessary to login to the time recording system. The companyID is no longer needed now. Instead of the username the user's E-mail address is used. So the E-mail address and the password are sufficient for login now.

Better support for international time formats

Goodtime online time tracking now consistently supports international time and date formats.

The time clock is now part of the menu page

The time clock is now part of the menu page and no longer accessible by a menu entry. The fact that the time clock (considering it is used so often) was rather difficult to access, has been a thorn in our side for a long time. We flinched from doing this and hoped to find another solution, because the consistent menu-concept is disrupted by it. After some other options emerged as unfeasible, we moved the time clock (in new, slim design) to the menu window - in the end. For user who are using the online time tracking system primarily for punch in and punch out, this routine activity should be much easier now.

Admin has its own time entries now

There might have been good reasons why we had the admin account not have his own time stamps and had designed this account exclusively for administer the time registration system ... only many user of the Goodtime time tracking could not make friends with this concept and refused to accept (despite the well-intentioned notes) the lack of this feature for the administrator. So the admin account has its own time entries now.

Improved Export

The export of the working hour data has been improved and summarized in a separate menu item. So the export of the time recording data can be done by administrators and superuser more comfortable at a central location. The timesheets of multiple users can be exported simultaneously, so 'bulk exports' should be more user-friendly now. Also the file format has been enhanced: Annual summarys can be exported now - containing the total annual timesheet-data of a user. The time stamps therefore are stored in a corresponding Excel sheet for each month and filed in an Excel workbook, together with an additional annual summary. The previous export function, displayed on the timesheet-page is still available for all users as usual. For more information on exporting, see the user manual.

Individual Time Types

The preset time types of the Goodtime online time tracking has been sufficient for many user, but there always has been a demand for customizing the time categrorys: Now user can adjust their time entries by their own. The label and other properties can be configured - for example accounting by the day or by the hour or whether the time category is working time or not.

Project Management

The allocation of projects to time stamps is available now. Goodtimes main focus has always been to provide 'pure' online time tracking through the Internet. Now we departed from this maxim slightly and included basic project management functions. The project tracking is available as an 'option' - in view of the fact that it can be hidden. If you feel uncomfortable with the new feature because you continue to use Goodtime as a time recording system 'only', you can (as admin) totally hide the project management features by adjusting the settings ... so Goodtime looks like before again.

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