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Employee Time Tracking - News

Facelift for GUI design

Goodtime relies on a minimal and unobtrusive design of its interface, which is suitable for everyday work. The web is constantly changing and so we have carefully overhauled the interface of Goodtime. You will find everything in the usual place, the operation has basically remained the same.

Mobile view for time clock

The optional entry page with the time clock has been revised for the view for mobile devices. The layout is now better optimized for small displays.

Project selection for many projects

With the project selection for many projects, you can easily search in a large number of projects. The suggestions for the entered search term are now displayed while you are typing. So the input is even faster. Project selection for many projects

The project selection for many projects can optionally be switched on in the settings. The default variant is a simple drop-down list. We recommend the optimized variant at the latest for a number of hundred projects.

Member selection for projects

The selection of members for projects has been redesigned for mobile devices - similar to the selection of projects for users.

Last presence

The display of the last presence in the attendance list has been revised. The approximate time of absence is shown here in an easy-to-read format, e.g. in weeks or months.

Overlapping time models

When assigning several time models to a user, sometimes there are accidental overlappings between the individual time models. The warning message for the user for such cases has now been made more conspicuous so that it can no longer be overlooked.

Customize the rendering for mobile devices

The selection of membership for a user in projects was displayed very differently on various mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and the handling was often not ergonomic. We have therefore replaced the select lists on mobile devices with a list of checkboxes. Project membership select list on a mobile device

Restrict access to time tracking

The access to the employee time tracking can be restricted to specific IP addresses or domain names. So far only IPv4 addresses could be used for IP addresses. Now IPv6 addresses can also be used. These access restrictions can be set up in the settings under Security.

Setting language for each user

So far the language could only be adjusted for the entire employee time tracking. Now you also can change the language for each user individually. You find the correspondent setting under 'Settings' (small cog at the top right) -> 'Personal Settings' tab. Change language employee time tracking

Default selection of time category

The default pre-selection for the time category has been set to a new location. It is now just above the time category table on the top left and easier to find there. Default selection time category

Security vulnerability in Log4j

Many JAVA and Jakarta EE applications currently have a critical security vulnerability called Log4Shell. In this case the widespread Java logging library Log4j is susceptible to attacks.

In response to customer inquiries, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Goodtime is not affected by this security vulnerability.

Congratulations for 2022

We wish all of our customers a happy and healthy 2022!

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