Price and conditions

Pleasing price and friendly conditions for Goodtime time tracking.

Price per user per month: 1.80 €/USD (incl. 20%* VAT)

* The VAT rate of 20% applies for Austrian customers, business customers within the EU and customers outside the EU.

The costs of Goodtime are calculated monthly per user. The payment is done annually. So you pay for example for four users 7.20 € or 7.20 USD per month. At the end of the year for four users you will get a bill for 86.40 € / USD. There are no extra costs like monthly fees or cancellation charges.


Invoice and Invoice date

Payment is done annually on account. So you will receive the first account after one year or at the time of cancellation. The invoice will be sent electronically.


Payment can be done in € or USD. Within the European Monetary Union, you can pay via bank transfer. Outside the European Monetary Union you can pay by PayPal or by credit card through PayPal.


You can cancel online non-bureaucratically at any time: Simply click Settings (small gear top right) and "Goodtime Account". And then click "Unsubscribe from Goodtime" ... The service will then expire at the end of the current month.

Information on costs and conditions can also been found in the FAQ.